Decorative Effects To Encourage More Use

Have you given yourself the impression that you are not spending enough time in and around your home? Are you one of those who tend to just get out of the bed and go to work in the morning and then crash on the couch in front of the flat-screen TV before ending yet another busy and tiring day? Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that it all seems to have gone to waste? What purpose is there to living in your home when you are hardly making any use of it?

What a waste of time and space. And money, whether you’re paying off a mortgage or just renting. You may as well go and pack yourself into a box. Perhaps this is what is keeping you from making better use of your home. It just has that appearance of being so dull and dysfunctional. Turn it into a haven of color, vibe and activity. Start by the fireplace so that by the time the next cold night arrives you’ll want to spend more time in front of the fire.

And you can switch off those heaters and central heating systems too. That way not only are you enjoying the warmth and comfort of your living room more, you’re also saving on your utilities bill. You’ll be looking to make your living room fireside more attractive by installing a decorative fire screen. You may not be able to paint to save your life, but that’s okay. Because here you will be commissioning an artist.

decorative fire screen

Yes, you get to feel posh by becoming a patron of the arts as well. The artist is also a commercial screen printer as well. So, she has been more than merry with this aspect of the home d├ęcor environment before.

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