Labradorite Great For Making Necklaces

Much is perhaps already known about gold and platinum necklace chains. The presentation of a gold-plated necklace with a diamond-encrusted pendant continues to make a popular, extravagant, and yet, affordable gift for any occasion, usually from one loved one to the other. The affordability of quality jewelry is, of course, always influenced by the retail supplier and those who artistically design and manufacture the jewelry. But perhaps not much is known amongst many readers about the labradorite necklace columbia sc design and manufacture workshop.

So this then is your basic but brief introduction to labradorite. It is known as a feldspar mineral. It is also known as a silicate. This may explain why it has a white streak in it. Like precious stones, the labradorite has its crystal system. It is triclinic. Three cleavage directions are precious in this precious stone. Two of them occur at right angle. They are described as being of ‘good to perfect’ quality. But the third visible direction is ‘poor’. This one appears as clear, and white to gray. It has grains that are similar to mafic igneous rocks like basalt and gabbro.

The labradorite stone can be found in Paul’s Island. And it is in the Canadian town of Nain, Labrador. But this stone has also been discovered in other parts of the world such as Finland and Norway. Uncommon anorthosite bodies are made up mostly of labradorite. It becomes a detrital component of sediment formations. The phenomenon of what is known as labradorescence could be quite fascinating as you are required to view it at angles. There is an iridescent optical effect on display. This optical effect is also known as schiller.

labradorite necklace columbia sc

There is a peculiar reflection of light which can be viewed from submicroscopical planes.

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